Bandits try to rob a bus company and take employees hostage – Gerais

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BOPE teams, a helicopter, the 18th Count Battalion and the Special Group are in search of the criminals. (photo: reproduction)

Armed criminals invaded a bus company in the Cndida Ferreira neighborhood, in Contagem, in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, at dawn on Monday (01/08).

According to the Military Police, five men with rifles and wearing company uniforms managed to enter the Transimo garage. 15 employees were in the warehouse and hostages were taken.

According to witnesses, the group of robbers was very angry and one person was even attacked with rifle butts.

Employees who were arriving to work suspected that something was wrong when the person who was supposed to allow entry to the company was not at the concierge. The PM was then called.

When the military arrived, the criminals fled.

According to the PM, the thieves were unable to break into the company’s safe.

BOPE agents, a helicopter, the 18th Contagem Battalion and the Special Group are looking for the criminals, but as of the publication of this report, no one has been arrested.

another case

The Police suspect that the group that robbed the bus company is the same as robbing a gas station and surrendering a gas station attendant, in the Bernardo Monteiro neighborhood, also in Contagem, on Sunday night (07/31).

The criminals took about R$ 50,000, which was in the company’s safe.

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