Bocardi is shaken live by the death of João Paulo Diniz: “My friend”

Rodrigo Bocardi returned from vacation and resumed the news program Bom Dia SP, this Monday (8/1), but admitted he was not happy. Dejected, the Globo presenter explained to viewers that he was deeply saddened by the death of businessman João Paulo Diniz, with whom he was a close friend.

In the first few minutes on the air, Bocardi reported the death, but before that he warned that he was shaken by having lived with Diniz.


“I just wanted to say to everyone, because we always have such a harmonious atmosphere, and on this return I have very high expectations, with all the joy that I try to bring you, but for me it is an especially sad day. I woke up to the news of the loss of a friend and a person known to many of you”, said the journalist.

He paid his condolences to the businessman’s family and reinforced his closeness with João Paulo Diniz, including his children.

“I would like to convey my feelings to Abílio Diniz, Geyze Diniz, Aninha, João Paulo’s wife, of the four children, two of whom are very close, Dudu and Júlia, including friends of my children as well. For me, it’s a difficult morning, maybe I won’t deliver that joy you always expect from me”, said Bocardi.

Then, when calling Ana Paula Araújo to the highlights of Bom Dia Brasil, the anchor was surprised by the friendship between her colleague and João Paulo Diniz and regretted the loss.

“Welcome back despite this very sad news. My feelings for you, friends also suffer a lot at this time, your children, ”she consoled.

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