‘Bolsonaro selling area to Mengão would be a crime’, says Paes

Bolsonaro selling area to Mengão would be a crime, says Paes, about new stadium

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The mayor of Rio Eduardo Paes (PSD), has defended the construction of the Flamengo Stadium. Despite having suggested a terrain in Deodoro, he considers the Gasometer a viable space with structure for the enterprise. In the midst of the discussion, the president of the CashierDaniella Marques, has statedwhat the state bank should not donate the land in the old Gasómetro, in the center of Rio, for the construction of the stadium.

In an interview with the newspaper O Globo, Paes pinned Jair Bolsonaro (PL), which Bolsonaro recently spoke “in serving Flamengo” after being asked about the stadium at Gasómetro and nudged the mayor. According to Paes, the transaction between Flamengo and Caixa is not just about the value of the land, but also about the constructive potential that influences the final value. This potential is established for the town hallwhich defines whether a house or a 50-story building can be built on the site, in the case of Gasómetro.

“I always see Deodoro as a simpler bureaucratic and institutional solution. It is a very large area that belongs to the Brazilian Army with a low economic value, with low constructive potential, which would make it much easier, for example, a donation from President Bolsonaro. The city government has no problem seeing the stadium built in Gasómetro. […] In the case of Gasometer, contrary to what President Bolsonaro imagines, it does need authorization from the city hall”, said the mayor, who recently declared his vote for Lula (PT).

Paes stated that he accepts to transfer this potential to another region, so that Caixa does not have losses.

“The construction potential of that area belongs to the city government. The Caixa will probably need a lot from the city hall to solve the situation. […] That land is worth a lot. Who bought it was the city hall. […] I don’t know what Caixa’s claim is [sobre a transferência]. But I transfer. I will sign this transfer alongside President Bolsonaro to help Mengão, authorizing him to cede the area. Now, you have to give the area away, you can’t want to sell it to Mengão because that would be a crime”, said Paes, who also stated during the interview that “Flamengo needs a stadium to call its own”.

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