Burial of Elmano’s father in Baturité brings together Camilo, Luizianne and state deputies

The burial of Francisco Feitosa da Costa, father of Elmano de Freitas (PT) takes place this Sunday morning, 31, in Baturité, in the interior of Ceará. Seu Odilon, as he was known, died of a heart attack at the age of 93. Elmano’s father died the day he was launched as a candidate for the state government, during the party’s convention in Fortaleza.

Some political figures close to Elmano are present at the funeral, such as former governor Camilo Santana (PT), federal deputy Luizianne Lins (PT), state deputy Acrísio Sena (PT), state deputy Fernando Santana, the government leader in Assembly, deputy Júlio Cesar Filho, among other fellow supporters, in addition to the president of the Legislative Assembly, Evandro Leitão (PDT).

Elano Freitas, one of Francisco Feitosa’s sons, told of Seu Odilon’s relationship with the city of Baturité, where the burial takes place.

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“He really liked Baturité here, more than he liked Baturité, he really liked the rural area, he wanted to be on the farm, on the farm. He was a country man, he always liked that kind of life, he liked the people who lived there, people who were very connected to this area,” he says.

Meetings with her father, according to Elano, took place periodically in Baturité. “A few weeks ago, I was talking to him, he looked at me like this and said: son, I was very happy, commenting and shedding a tear like this. I even said: no dad, you still have many years ahead of you. He said: no, but I don’t have the strength anymore, but what matters is that I was already very happy in this life”, he says.

Elano says that since she was a child her father had a maxim that always said: “do good to whoever you can, forgive any harm that has been done to you and take care of taking care of life, this is the way”. “This is my father, he lived very well, he was a human being like any of us, but a person that I am very proud to have been his son”, he details.

After the wake, family, friends and politicians followed in procession through the streets of Baturite towards the city cemetery.

During the journey, the song “Don’t Talk About This Woman Near Me”, by Raul Sampaio, was sung a cappella. Camilo then asked Elmano if Odilon liked the song. “Too much,” replied the candidate.

To the report, a woman, who did not want to be named, revealed that Odilon was a “very good, fair and respectful man”.

“There will be no other man like him. Your Odilon is unique”, said the woman who knew Elmano’s father during her childhood.

Baturité City Hall decrees three-day mourning for the death of Elmano’s father

The mayor of Baturité, Herberlh Mota, declared three days of mourning as a sign of sorrow for the death of Seu Odilon. “Considering the invaluable works dedicated to the development of Agriculture in our City and Region, throughout its life”, brings the note released by the City Hall, signed on the 30th and valid from the date of publication.

With information from reporter Neto Ribeiro

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