Company will pay around $100,000 for worker to try sweets

The dream of many children who grew up in the 2000s, to work in a chocolates savoring the best sweets in the world was once the wish of many people, who are now adults. But know that your dream can still come true: Candy Funhouse is looking for its “Chief Candy Officer”. Yes, this job would be nothing more and nothing less than the chance to work as a candy taster. To learn more about this amazing opportunity, check out the full article!

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Learn more about the Chief Candy Officer

This company, one of North America’s largest online candy retailers, is looking for a new employee. They expect this person to be responsible for tasting – and approving – all the candy in stock.

To this end, Candy Funhouse promises to pay this employee around US$100,000 a year to perform their role, and thus provide the company with the “Candy Director Seal of Approval”. To apply for this vacancy, you only need to be at least 5 years old and have a lot of energy and appetite for all the sweets that will come.

In addition to the function of tasting all the candies already in the store, the Chief Candy Officer will also decide new products for the company, so keep your creativity active!

Upon successful placement, Candy Funhouse will provide extensive taste training to further empower your new employee. In addition, it will also provide an extensive dental plan so that your dental arch is not precarious in this new work journey.

Among the numerous qualities that this vacancy offers, it will also be possible to choose to work directly from your residence. Yes, it really looks like a dream job! If you are interested, sign up for Candy Funhouse website until August 31st and good luck!

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