Corinthians quintet arrives for ‘decision’ in Libertadores in low

From the second half of last season to the beginning of this year, the Corinthians hired veteran players to be the protagonists of the team in the decisive moments of 2022. However, the quintet that enchanted during Paulistão arrives for the duel against Flamengo in the quarter-finals of Liberators low.

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The last time that Giuliano, Paulinho, Renato Augusto, Willian and Róger Guedes played together under the command of Vítor Pereira was in the semifinal of Paulistão, against São Paulo. On that occasion, everyone started as a starter, and the quintet was maintained until the 13th minute of the second half, when Júnior Moraes replaced Paulinho.

Before the knockout match against Tricolor do Morumbi and the arrival of the Portuguese coach, the five athletes played together in 222 of the 450 minutes of the five matches that Timão played under the command of Fernando Lázaro, representing 49.3% of the total minutes in that period. with the interim.

Revamped after the fall of the quintet, Corinthians arrives for the confrontation against Flamengo trusting in the defensive leadership of the team and betting on the good understanding between the reinforcements hired in the mid-year window and the Crias do Terrão.

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O THROW! shows the situation of each of the ‘magic quintet’ athletes.

The shirt 15 completed three months off the pitch after tearing the anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee during Timão’s victory over Fortaleza, in the 4th round of the Brasileirão. The trend is for Paulinho to stay out of the pitch for the entire season and only return in 2023. The club moved in the market and brought in Maycon and Fausto Vera to replace the loss in the sector.

Even though he was Corinthians’ ‘waiter’ in the season and one of the players most used by Vítor Pereira, Giuliano’s performances have not been praised by the Corinthians fans. The shirt 11 has not participated in a goal or assist for more than a month, when he hit the net twice against Santos in the Copa do Brasil.

The last time the midfielder played 90 minutes was in the first leg against Boca Juniors, in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil.

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Renato Augusto
One of the main players last season, Renato Augusto has been struggling with physical issues this season. Without playing for 12 games with discomfort in the calf, shirt 8 returned to partially participate in training, according to the latest update from the medical department. However, it is unlikely that he will be used by Vítor Pereira in the first leg against Flamengo.

Perhaps the most popular signing of the quintet, shirt 10 has not yet lived up to the expectations of the crowd. Willian scored just one goal on his return (against São Bernardo, in February) and has not been able to translate his offensive contribution into goals or assists. After the 1-0 victory over Botafogo, coach Vítor Pereira revealed that the attacking midfielder still feels pain in his shoulder, and the discomfort has been limiting the athlete’s movements on the field.

Roger Guedes
The number 9 is the one who has remained the most constant of the quintet throughout the season. The team’s top scorer in the season with 10 goals, Guedes overcame the initial friction with Vítor Pereira and has been one of Timão’s main offensive players. The new partnership with Yuri Alberto has not yet taken off, but the striker has been scoring his goals and being important for the team, whether playing as a winger or central defender.

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