Doctor tackles subway passenger infected with monkeypox

A surgeon doctor approached a man who used the Madrid metro despite being diagnosed with monkeypox. The health professional, identified as Arturo Henriques, warned about the population’s lack of information and risky behavior.

The case took place on July 15 and was shared on social media. At the time, Arturo noticed the presence of the passenger with injuries from head to toe and even in his hands. “I saw the situation and also the people as if nothing was happening,” he recalls.

The doctor said he approached the boy and asked what he was doing there if he had monkeypox. “Yes, I have it, but my doctor didn’t tell me I had to stay at home. Just wear a mask,” he heard from the man.

According to a report in the Diário do Nordeste, the doctor said he informed the passenger that the injuries on his body are the most contagious. “(I said) that I’m a doctor and that he probably didn’t understand his doctor’s instructions”, he stressed. The professional was cursed by the man.

The passenger remained in the car and sat next to a woman. “How can I be afraid if I’m not gay? The government said that gays should take care of themselves,” he heard from the woman.

After arriving at the destination, the doctor gave up arguing and got off the subway. “How many people can he make sick? I have no idea.”, he reflects on the case. “Now I’m on the subway balancing myself trying not to hold on to anything, let alone sit down”, he finished.

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