Don’t know how to make a goal? Novelty makes maneuvering in difficult places easier

Coming of age is a time of many joys, one of which is the possibility of obtaining a National Driver’s License (driver’s license). However, when the theoretical test is completed and the practical classes begin, the terror of the students has a very specific name: goal.

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There is no beginner driver who doesn’t feel afraid when making a goal. Thought always tends to insecurity and phrases like “will it work?”, “it’s too tight”, “I won’t make it” resonate in anyone’s mind.

Company develops technology to facilitate beacon

With that in mind, the German company ZF Friedrichshafen AG started to develop a technology that will make it much easier when making a goal. The mechanism has a front axle in the car, which allows the front wheels to turn by up to 80°.

That way, the car would go practically sideways into a narrow space and it wouldn’t be necessary to do a lot of maneuvering until the vehicle is completely aligned. It is worth noting that current wheels rotate only up to 35°, on average.

Will technology be implemented in automobiles?

Before understanding the future of this new technology that facilitates beacons, it is worth stressing that it is much cheaper than installing an automatic assistant to do the process.

However, to be able to place the EasyTurn system on a vehicle, it will be necessary to make some adaptations. In addition, the space has to be bigger, that is, you can’t fit in any car.

The members of the German company continue testing the new system, but there is still no release date. No automaker has been ready to adopt the mechanism for now. The idea is to remain in tests to see if the functionality becomes viable and if, in fact, it is a consumer demand.

Truth be told, it would be much easier to get a driver’s license with the help of a system like this installed on the wheel.

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