Eating meat in Argentina costs up to half the price in Brazil

Eating meat in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is costing up to half the price in Brazil.  Photo: Getty Images.

Eating meat in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is costing up to half the price in Brazil. Photo: Getty Images.

  • Meat in Argentina can cost half the price in Brazil;

  • Devaluation allows R$1 to buy 56.26 Argentine pesos;

  • Argentine inflation reached 64% in the 12 months through June.

Did you know that eating meat in Argentina can be cheaper than in Brazil? When comparing product sales in each nation, the devaluation of the Argentine peso becomes more explicit.

In the neighboring country, consuming meat can cost half the price compared to Brazil, according to the official quotation from last Friday (29), when the one real was equivalent to 25.36 Argentine pesos.

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However, the devaluation in the parallel, or informal, exchange rate is even greater, reaching 56.26 Argentine pesos.

Thus, bife de chorizo, the most consumed noble meat in Argentina, can cost up to R$21 at the popular Chiquilín restaurant in Buenos Aires.

“The best bife de chorizo ​​I’ve ever had in Buenos Aires, even better than the Buenos Aires gourmet in Puerto Madero”, says a comment on the geosocial network. Foursquare.

The value varies between R$ 21 and R$ 130 in an establishment in the Argentine capital, with an average price of R$ 84 in establishments, according to the Power 360.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, the price varies between R$109 and R$165, with the average price being R$138.

Argentina and financial situation

In July, the dollar was worth 338 Argentine pesos. The disparity between the official and informal exchange rate reached 160%.

In June, the price index extrapolated and grew 64% in the previous 12 months, reaching the highest level in the last 30 years.

To face the rise, the Central Bank of Argentina raised the basic interest rate to 60% per year, raising it by 8 percentage points.

The neighboring country has also been hit by diesel shortages, above all because of the war in Ukraine, which has affected Argentine supply chains.

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