Embraer records, for the first time, the loss of an E2 series aircraft customer

A recent change to Embraer’s order book, released along with the results for the second quarter of the year, drew attention. This is because, from the list of orders, the Brazilian manufacturer removed all that had been made by the airline Congo Airways.

This change, which has not been publicly explained, may confirm a news report in April that said the flag carrier of the Democratic Republic of Congo could cancel its entire order with the Brazilian manufacturer to order Airbus aircraft instead, specifically the A220. -300, competitor of the E-Jets.

Congo Airways currently operates a fleet of Airbus A320 jets and Dash 8 turboprops. Until recently, it operated two Embraer E190-E1s leased from neighboring Kenya Airways, which have since been returned.

In addition to these, the company had Four new generation E2 aircraft were ordered, one of which, the E190-E2 model, had been ready at the Embraer factory for months, but had not yet been delivered.

This is the first loss that Embraer records from a customer who had already ordered an E2 jet. See below for the current order list for the Embraer E190-E2 jets.

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