Flaco López becomes the 22nd Argentine to score a goal for Palmeiras

In his third match for Palmeiras, the second as a starter, striker José Manuel Flaco López showed an eye for a scorer and has already scored his first goal with the Verdão shirt. After a beautiful assist from Gustavo Scarpa, the Argentine received in front of goalkeeper João Ricardo and scored the second in the 2-1 victory over Ceará, on Saturday, in Fortaleza, for the Brazilian Championship.

With that, López became the 22nd name of a group of Argentines who scored for Palmeiras, having scored the first Argentine goal for Verdão since the beginning of 2017. López had been defender Nico Freire in the 2018 Brasileirão, but little was left.

The most recent Argentine striker at Palmeiras (although naturalized Paraguay), in turn, was Lucas Barrios, who between 2015 and 2016 won the Copa do Brasil and the Brazilian Championship. And he was precisely the national player to have scored for the last time with the club’s shirt: the fact occurred on February 19, 2017, for the Paulista Championship, against Linense in a 4-0 victory, at the Fonte Luminosa Arena. , in Araraquara (SP).

In total, there are 46 Argentines who have defended the colors of Palmeiras throughout history, with the neighboring country being the one that provided the most foreign representatives to Verdão – in fact, no other club in São Paulo registers as many athletes from the neighboring country as Alviverde. This number counts Barrios.

Before Barrios, as of 2014, Palmeiras also had other Argentines: defender Tobio, midfielder Allione and forwards Mouche and Cristaldo. In fact, in this 21st century (2001 onwards), only one Argentine athlete did not score a goal for Palmeiras: Nico Freire. Gioino, Hernán Barcos, Tobio, Mouche, Allione, Cristaldo, Barrios and López are the ones who scored at least once with the Verdão shirt.

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