Giovanna Ewbank on the racist attack suffered by her children: ‘Would you have all this attention if we were black parents of black children?’ | Fantastic

Maju Coutinho: Bruno and Giovanna, thank you for being here with us today, on that day, I imagine, difficult for you and your children. I would like to know what happened on Saturday afternoon (30), there in Portugal?

Bruno Gagliasso: We went to a well-known restaurant, which is on the beach.

Giovanna Ewbank: In fact, it is a restaurant that we really like to go to, because we always find many black people in the restaurant. For our children, we think it is very important to be in environments with black people.

Bruno: And they are on the beach playing and, all of a sudden, one of the children came up and told us what had happened. And then we got upset, really upset. And it started… and you saw those images.

Giovanna: The woman was saying many things. Among them, saying “filthy niggers”, “go back to Africa”.

Bruno: “Portugal is not the place for you, get out of here”.

In videos that went viral on social media, Giovanna appears facing the woman.

Giovanna: I don’t think she ever expected a white woman to fight her like I did, like that. I know that, as a white woman, by going there to confront her, my speech will be validated. I’m not going out with the crazy, the angry one, as with so many other black mothers, who are lionesses every day, just like I was in this episode.

Bruno: What would have happened if it were if we were black, me my wife?

Giovanna: Would I get that much attention if we were black parents of black kids?

O Fantastic asked these questions to Carla Akotirene, PhD in Gender, Women and Feminism Studies at UFBA. she explains that “Daily, black men and black women, who are heads of families, try to defend their children and yet they are criminalized.”

Maju: In 2017, you did an interview here for the Fantastic to talk about the racism suffered, about the attacks they suffered at that time. Giovanna, you commented that you felt unprepared to face racism. What has changed since then?

Giovanna: It changed everything, Maju. Today I am a woman very aware of my privileges, I am a woman who is always surrounded by other black women, learning daily. I will do justice to white privilege and I will fight head on. I want everyone to know, Maju, that we are not going to fight racism lightly, we are going to go over it and do justice to this white privilege.

The correspondent of Fantastic in Portugal, Leonardo Monteiro was on the beach where the woman carried out the attacks – and spoke with witnesses. They told that the The aggressor was already arguing with attendants before the racist acts.

per note, the restaurant’s management repudiated the woman’s racist conduct and made itself available to provide the images recorded by the security cameras. It’s the Brazilian consulate, also by note, offered legal assistance.

The woman was taken to a police station of the Republican National Guard, very close to the beach where Bruno and Giovanna were with their children. She testified, was identified and later released. Now, the couple has up to six months to file a formal criminal complaint with the Portuguese authorities.

According to the lawyer specialized in Human Rights Hélio Gustavo Alves, this racial crime is foreseen in the Portuguese Penal Code, in article 240. Depending on how the Portuguese court sees it, the woman could face a sentence of 6 months to 5 years in prison.

O Fantastic unable to contact the aggressor responsible for the racist attacks to the children of Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso.

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