‘I had to have sex every day’

Ney Matogrosso celebrates another year of life and reaches the age of 81 today. With a professional and personal trajectory surrounded by numerous remarkable stories, the singer stated how he discovered his sexuality and was addicted to sex.

During an interview with Gshow, the singer denied drug addiction, such as the case of LSD with which he had experiences throughout his life, and confirmed only about sex.

“I was addicted only to sex, but I’m not anymore. I had to have sex every day, otherwise I wouldn’t sleep, I was anxious. That was from 30 to 40 years old. At that time there was no AIDS in the world, people were more available”, he said.

The singer said that he hates alcohol and that he has smoked, but one day he decided that he no longer wanted that in his life. “I threw away [os cigarros] and I never smoked again.” When asked about the legalization of marijuana, Ney confirmed that he was in favor, as well as abortion, but as long as everything is done in a structured way.

I think everything has to be released and people should be responsible for their lives, but for that to happen they need to be educated, know how to read, write, understand the world in which they live. I believe that the moment we reach this level of civilization, everything has to be released.

In the late 1950s, the singer discovered his sexual orientation when he moved to Brasília, at age 20. Ney was born in the city of Bela Vista, in Mato Grosso do Sul.

“Many people lived subject to the wishes of the family. I paid attention to my friends since I was a child, but nothing came of it. I did that when I went to live in Brasília, I was already 20 years old. I didn’t want it to be with just anyone, just to do it. special, someone who arrived and touched me. I didn’t wait, then he appeared”, he said.

Throughout his relationships, he was forced to hide because he got involved with people who didn’t share the freedom he had to come out and talk about his sex life, but a fact he respects to this day.

“There were people I didn’t tell, because the person’s family knew at the time and was scandalized by that situation. Why am I going to talk today about people who have died?”, he asked.

Only with the doctor Marco de Maria, the singer shared the same roof for 13 years. “It was an open relationship, but we were each other’s favorites. We had sex a lot. He took the HIV test and tested positive. I went for the test thinking I would also be HIV positive and it came back negative. It wasn’t meant to be. At no point did I blame him for nothing and I took care of him until the end. How could I not take care of him?”, he said.

The desire to become a father was something that was never a purpose for the singer. He believes he would “be torn” between work and raising a child. “I think that to educate a person you have to be close, seeing details, their training, and I wouldn’t have that time. When I thought about it I was 40 years old and it was popping up around. Being a father was something that crossed my mind, but, luckily, he left,” he said.

At Santo Daime, he began to find the emotional balance he needed. “Every time people talked about therapy with me, I trembled, my teeth chattered. Look how strong it was. I attended the ritual for a year and a half in Amazonas and I stopped because I thought it was too fast. I only saw two alternatives: inside a cave until I reach enlightenment or go out into the world and I chose the second option, but the goal of improving myself as a human being persists to this day”, he explained.

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