“It makes me sick”; CBF releases VAR audio about Danilo’s penalty in Vina and Palmeiras fans get a pistol on the web

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Palmeiras fans ask that the assistants are no longer present in the next Verdão games

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF
Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF

Palmeiras beat Ceará 2-1, at the end of the afternoon of last Saturday (30), at Arena Castelão and kept a break in the leadership of the Brasileirão. With the result, Verdão jumped to 32 points. But, by very little, Alviverde did not leave the capital of Ceará with a setback due to the arbitration, which once again made a mistake during a game of coach Abel Ferreira’s team. Of the last 5 games, adding the national tournament and the Copa do Brasil, the referees harmed the Greatest Champion of Brazil.

During the first stage, Palmeiras dominated the match. Went to halftime winning 2-0, but could have returned to the 2nd stage with an even more elastic score. In the final 45 minutes, Palestra missed the chance to increase the score twice, once with Gustavo Scarpa and Raphael Veiga. However, thanks to another mistake by Anderson Daronco and his assistants, the game that seemed easy ended up getting complicated for Abel Ferreira’s team in the final minutes.

That’s because the referee with the consent of VAR awarded a penalty by Danilo on striker Mendoza. In the view of Daronco and his assistants, the Palmeiras midfielder hit the Colombian’s thigh and, therefore, the infraction was marked. Palmeiras fans were revolted by the decision. To make matters worse, on Sunday night (31), the CBF made available the audio of the conversation between the match referee and his assistants.

During the conversation, the assistants understood that there was a thigh-to-thigh clash between Danilo and Mendoza and that the Palmeiras midfielder “pants” Vozão’s attacker and agreed with Anderson Daronco’s decision, who minutes earlier scored the penalty for the Ceará team. Palmeiras on the web did not forgive the head of arbitration Wilson Seneme and CBF.

“Sorry, I was going to say incompetent, but that has another name, but in order not to receive a lawsuit, I’m going to calm my finger”, lamented a fan. “It was the fastest check in var history these guys disgust me”shouted a member of the crowd. “Daronco talks about a wedge, which did not occur. Ask for proof to call him if he’s wrong, the var didn’t call and confirmed the penalty. The same guys who’ve fucked palm trees before. Please never again” said another member of the crowd.

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