Jojo Todynho’s military husband earns from advertising on the networks | celebrities

Jojo Todynho and husband, Lucas Souza
Reproduction/Instagram – 07.31.2022

Jojo Todynho and husband, Lucas Souza

Accused of being supported by Jojo Todynho, soldier Lucas Souza, 21, receives a salary of R$ 10,800 per month from the Army. But the boy’s bank account has increased considerably since he became famous for his relationship with the singer of the hit “Que shot was this?”.

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Raised to fame last year, when he started a romance with Jojo, Lucas takes the opportunity to cash in on the exhibition and dives headlong into the artistic world.

With now 1 million followers on Instagram, he signed with the same agency that takes care of his wife’s career and contracts, with whom he married in January, and has already started to promote advertisements (the famous publis), partnerships and even the “received”. .

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The military man became a poster boy for a men’s jewelry brand and even posed as a model to publicize the pieces.

The agency that Lucas is part of is owned by journalist Danilo Faro, brother of Rodrigo Faro, and has its own presenter in its casting, in addition to Rafinha Batos, Cesar Filho, among others.

Gift of BRL 1,200 for the woman

After going public to deny that she supports her husband, Jojo Todynho showed a gift she got from him last Friday night.

The singer showed on social networks the bag of the brand Believe Schutz, which costs R$ 1,200. The piece has a chain and bamboo strap and a golden insect clasp.

“Did I hit it or didn’t I hit it?” Lucas asks Jojo. “That’s right, I liked it. This bag is beautiful”, replied the singer, showing off the treat.

Last Friday, Jojo used social media to counter accusations that she plays the military husband.

“A girl there posted in her Stories that I play my husband. I’m going to refresh people’s memory. My husband is an army officer. My husband attends two colleges”, she said, in a video posted on her Instagram.

“I believe in a world where there are honest people who don’t need to be in relationships because of money. I’m a fucked up woman, well resolved, millionaire, I’ve always worked to go after mine. No man has ever gotten anything from me”, he added.

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