Juliana Paes explains after former employee claims she was fired for being sick

The actress confirmed the dismissal of Adriana das Graças, who worked for her for 11 years, but denied that this was related to the fact that the professional faced depression.

Reproduction/Instagram/julianapaesJuliana Paes
Juliana Paes denied that she fired Adriana das Graças because she was depressed

The actress Juliana Paes denied that he fired Adriana das Graças, who worked as a cook at the artist’s home for more than a decade, as she was facing a psychological problem. The matter gained repercussion after Adriana’s son, Alberto João, post a video of his mother on Twitter in which she says: “You dedicate yourself to a family for 11 years, you see your children being born and when you get depressed, you try to commit suicide, you are admitted twice to a psychiatric hospital and you have to go to CAPS [Centro de Atenção Psicossocial] get free medicine, nobody helps you. Thank you, Juliana”. In the caption of the publication, Alberto João added: “[Minha mãe] dedicated himself for 11 years at Juliana Paes’ house, he gave his all. But when she had to check into a psychiatric hospital because of depression, she was fired. O INSS gave her 6 months to take care of herself, but they didn’t even want to know and fired her”.

In a note sent to Young panJuliana’s press office informed that the employee’s dismissal took place this July, but “the personal issues that Adriana went through during the period” did not motivate her dismissal. “Juliana kept Adriana working for years in treatment of the disease and going beyond her obligations as an employer with medical and also financial help”, emphasized the actress’ team. Even after her dismissal, Juliana committed to continue paying the health plan of the former employee and that of her daughter, Allana. The artist also bought a house for Adriana to live with her family, said the press office. “The dismissal took place for other reasons and was made within the law, guaranteeing all rights to the former collaborator”, concluded the team of the actress who played Maria Marruá in the current remake of “wetland”. THE Young pan contacted Adriana’s son, but got no response.

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