Lumena Aleluia celebrates after a month on an adult website: “I thought my sensual side had to be denied”

Lumen Hallelujah shook all structures when it announced its account on Privacy, a platform aimed at adult content, in early June. To subscribe to your content, users need to pay a subscription of R$79.90. In just three days, the former BBB earned around R$100,000, an amount corresponding to the prize for the third place in the Big Brother Brazil.

+ Lumena poses without clothes in an adult click, but warns followers: “It’s heavy”

Despite living in a more “liberal” phase, producing adult content was a big taboo for Lumena, which only changed its mind after Carnival this year. In a conversation with Extra, the psychologist told more details about this process of liberation from prejudice. “I was invited to be the muse of a samba school and at the time I didn’t feel comfortable dancing with one of the pieces that the designer had proposed, which showed my body a lot. It displayed nudity, it had a language of nudity,” she said.

Lumena opened her Privacy account after having difficulty showing her body in a Carnival parade

Lumena opened her Privacy account after having difficulty showing her body in a Carnival parade (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter)

Then the ex-BBB claimed to be very withdrawn with the issue of her body. “At the time, I was still very insecure with my own body and very stuck, repressed in relation to these questions in the universe of sensuality itself. I was not able to authorize myself to parade,” she added.

Finally, Lumen Hallelujah she said that since this episode she has been working on the reasons that make her more withdrawn, so she took the courage to open a profile 100% for the exposure of her body. “I created in my head a very prejudiced idea that my erotic side, my sensual side, he had to be denied. I have been reflecting a lot on the basis of this insecurity and I decided to take the courage to break and question it once and for all”, she concluded.

Lumena Aleluila opens the game about trust after debuting on an adult website

Lumen Hallelujah opened the game of how producing adult content positively impacted their self-esteem. The former BBB stated that her content does not involve explicit videos with other people, but is a way of getting to know other versions of herself.

“Today I am able to diversify myself in relation to this work, which is not necessarily related to sexually explicit content or with other people. They are photos and videos where I can express myself freely, introduce other Lumenas. This was a decision I made calmly, alone, in relation to my mirror, my body and my sexual fetishes.”

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