Meet the main new scams with Pix, card and cell phone

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There are so many scams currently haunting Brazilians that it is even difficult to list them all. We have gathered the main scams that are in “fashion” right now. You need to be prepared.

Fake Pix scam

It works like this: the scammer makes a deposit of R$ 0.01, edits the receipt on the computer and changes it to the value of the product he is asking for. In the day-to-day rush, restaurants are the main victims, because in order to respond quickly to epdidos, they end up falling for this robbery.

This week, a pizzeria in Teresina-PI fell into the fake Pix scam. However, the owner decided to take revenge and sent the scammer a fake pizza (without filling) and a fake soda (with salt inside).

Pix scam “spread out”

It works like this: as soon as the victim receives the transfer made by the victim in the account, the scammer transfers the amount paid by the victim to several accounts of different institutions, making it difficult for banks to locate and cancel the operation. To defend yourself, the secret here is that you should not worry about the payment method, but who is receiving the amounts.

Of course, using virtual cards offered by banks helps to prevent them from cloning or tracking the credit card, but in these cases of transferring values, the scam does not involve the system, but who you are transferring the value to.

Always confirm that the person or company applying for a loan or selling a product is really who they say they are.

Aid Brazil coup

In the last week alone, PSafe has identified more than 140,000 such scam attempts, the equivalent of more than 20,000 per day. The attack starts with phishing and, in some of the malicious websites, they already include the share button as a condition to receive the false benefit, which is to induce the victim to propagate the scam more easily.

First, the victim receives a message via SMS, email or Whatsapp informing them that they are entitled to the benefit of the program, even promising amounts up to six times the actual amount. The other way is to send the victim a message with a link so they can check if they are entitled to the benefit, just by entering some data to make the false verification.

It should be noted that the messages use the colors of the official applications of the programs and promise to send a Pix worth R$ 2,500.00.

Single ticket scam

The scammer approaches people near the turnstiles of subway stations in São Paulo. Criminals have Bilhete Único cards to sell the cheapest ticket without being noticed by security. Often the ticket is fake. In others, it can be stolen.

fake job scam

In Brazil, every minute two Brazilians receive a false job offer with a malicious link, according to a survey by Psafe.

“With so many people out of work and looking for a new job, criminals who send mass messages end up finding them unaware, who end up falling for the scam,” warns Regina Acutu, CEO of Verifact’s technical digital evidence capture tool. “The tip is never to click on suspicious links, especially from numbers that are not on your phonebook. But also avoid clicking on links even if sent by friends, if they seem to have suspicious directions. If you are looking for a job, always confirm that this is really the number of the company offering the job, be suspicious of very advantageous offers and do not share data or personal information.”

Scam of the false sale of products on social networks

Always be wary of prices that are too attractive, even if they have been sent by friends. It is common for scammers to appropriate the profile of third parties to advertise fake offers, including the excuse that they need to get rid of the products soon.

“When you are interested in any online product advertised on social media, make sure you are really the person making the request or sale: try visiting in person or making a video call. If the ad comes from a company’s social network, check if there is any history of complaints from the company on websites that gather consumer complaints and if it really is an official channel, usually the company’s official websites inform the social networks on the channel. , says the expert.

Money request scam by messaging apps

This is the most popular scam, however, there are still a lot of people falling for it. Criminals impersonate a family member or close friend and use the victim’s trust to speed up the process. Usually the scam starts when someone’s digital identity is stolen, whether in a messenger like Whatsapp or on a social network like Instagram.

Then, they say that they need money to solve an urgent issue, but that they have no access to bank accounts and ask the victim to lend the amounts for just a few hours, promising to return the amount the same day.

“The main way to protect yourself is by contacting the person who requested the amount by phone or video call before making any move, even if the number is the same one you are used to talking to, that’s because some criminals are even appropriating of other people’s phone numbers to commit crimes.”

Appropriation of the phone number

Using contacts from social networks or from the phone itself is also a very profitable scam, after all, telephone operators in Brazil do not have enough barriers to prevent them from taking over the numbers.

“To avoid falling for it and losing your phone number, never give out codes you receive by SMS on any call, register the two-step number verification, avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, don’t click on suspicious links, especially those received by SMS or whatsapp with job offers or awards and pay attention to the permissions granted to the applications you use”, advises Regina.

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