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The president of the Fúria Independente fans of Paraná Clube, Mauro Machado Urbimis hospitalized in a very serious condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Hospital do Trabalhador, in Curitiba.

He was trampled by a horse from the Military Police (PM-PR) at half-time between Tricolor and FC Cascavel, for Série D, in Vila Capanema.

According to the PM, there was an attempt to invade the place reserved for visitors by approximately 80 fans of the Paranista crowd. The organization denies.

According to the police, the teams formed a line to prevent the passage of these fans, directing them to return. The corporation thus cited that “immediate intervention by the Mounted Police Regiment was necessary”.

The PM reported that, after repelling the action, the police found two fallen fans, in which one of them immediately got up and the other remained unconscious.

– Emergency first aid was immediately provided, and the Fire Department was called, which promptly continued the service and sent the injured person to the Hospital do Trabalhador – the note says.

According to the PM, an investigation will be set up to investigate what happened.

By means of a note, Paraná Clube said that the board “wishes this great fan from Paraná a prompt and quick recovery”. The Independent Fury fans said that there was no kind of riot or fight at the time of the event.

– Without any need, in a truculent and cowardly way, the Military Police, with its Mounted Police Regiment, trampled our president Mauro Machado Urbim, who is hospitalized in a very serious condition. There was never any confusion. In other words, nothing justifies the violent and criminal action of the Military Police. Besides, nothing would justify running over with a horse and stomping on the head of any citizen”, says the organizer.

In addition, Fúria said that the night that was supposed to be one of joy and celebration, turned into a nightmare for Paraná Clube fans.

Mauro Urbim, president of the Fúria Independente fans, from Paraná Clube — Photo: Disclosure/Fúria

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