Silvio Santos does with Patrícia the same thing he did with Gugu in the 90s

Withdrawing your field team slowly, Silvio Santos became a guest of his own show. Without recording for over a month, she passes the baton of her Sunday without making a fuss to daughter number four, Patrícia Abravanel. In this way, Homem do Baú is doing what he wanted in the 90s, but with Gugu Liberato (1959-2019).

On the SBT Videos platform, where the broadcaster makes part of its current and old collection available, the main photo of the Silvio Santos Program already displays an image of the communicator next to Patrícia, signaling and even making it official once and for all that she shares the stage with her father, or vice versa.

At the height of his 91 years of age, Silvio could not even imagine himself at 60 running programs. He introduced his pupil, Gugu, on Sundays in 1988, after taking him out of Globo. “In this season of 88 I will do five hours and Gugu will do four. In the season of 89, I will be 59 years old, I will be three and Gugu will be six. half of Baú and Gugu does the rest. In 91, when I turn 61, I’m going to do Miss Brazil, Press Trophy and some shows to satisfy my TV man’s vanity”, he warned in a historic Freshman Show , 34 years ago.

The story, however, was quite different. Silvio did not leave the video nor started to command only specials as he imagined, but in fact, he even gave five hours to Gugu Liberato on Sundays. The situation only really changed with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the health crisis, his presence became a rarity and even though he rehearsed a few laps, he was never able to resume the recording routine he maintained until 2019.

Patrícia Abravanel became the natural successor of Silvio Santos at SBT

Silvio Santos does with Patrícia the same thing he did with Gugu in the 90s

With the transfer of Gugu to Record in 2009, Silvio, who had already returned definitively on Sundays with five hours of duration, consolidated himself even more as an important pillar of the programming. On the eve of his 80th birthday, Homem do Baú once again commanded prime time on Sundays doing what he always did: handing out prizes, showing pranks, doing scavenger hunts and making dreams come true.

A revenue and audience champion, the Silvio Santos Program rescued its essence and set out on a trajectory that would last for more than a decade. Without having serious health problems, Silvio kept his routine on the premises of the CDT (Centro de Televisão) allied to making important decisions within the station. This he continues to do.

But, with the beginning of the pandemic, he had to take his team out of the field. As part of the risk group, he took a leave of absence like all television and only returned about a year and a half after stepping on stage for the last time. Even vaccinated, he contracted the virus that killed more than 680,000 people in Brazil and found himself hospitalized after trying to rehearse a ride.

The Silvio Santos Program, which chose to replay classics during the pandemic, found itself with no way out with the vertiginous drop in audience and the absence of its commander. Patrícia Abravanel was cast for the first time to present the attraction in September 2021, and she has been in the role for almost a year.

Silvio Santos became a rarity in command of his program


With his daughter taking care of the job and maintaining a respectable audience, Silvio saw no problem in continuing to take things at the pace he wanted. As there is no dependence on his figure in the air, he records when he can – or when the will arises -, either to satisfy his “ego as an entertainer” as he said in the Calouros Show in 1988 or because he actually sees that this is still an important fuel. for its existence.

The last Silvio Santos Program with the “incumbent” took place on June 26. During that month, the Sunday premiere of the new scenario that Silvio himself has not yet seen up close.

In Ibope, the average is 7.4 points in Greater SP in July. The record in 2022 took place on May 1, in one of Silvio Santos’ laps on stage during this pandemic period: he scored 8.7. In the last edition with him, he gave it 7.6, not much different from when daughter number four “touches the boat”.

For the next few weeks, nobody knows when Silvio will decide to record. And will come back. This, as always, remains a question mark and one that can change at any time, but the entrepreneur’s transition in the video has never taken on as much body as it does now.

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