Singer Jão is honored on ‘Domingão’ and fans are outraged: “I expected more”

After the singer Jão was honored on ‘Domingão’, fans were outraged; check what happened

Success for Brazil, the singer john won an honor in the Sunday with Huck this Sunday (31). The artist’s fans, however, ended up being outraged by the small amount of songs played.

With statements from his parents, sister and artists, the artist was moved and even got praise from the presenter Luciano Huck: “You are the new formula for success, you didn’t depend on a record company, but on your success”, said the husband of Angelica.

john took a large structure to the Domingão stage and sang his hit ‘Idiot’ and ‘Silly Fear’in Maiara and Maraisa. However, there was a fan who did not like being the artist to sing only two songs.

“Jão has 3 albums with thousands of perfect songs and Domingão let him sing only two of which one was not his”, wrote an internet user. “Look no comments! Jão took his entire structure, his live band to the Sunday stage for the production to make room for him to sing only two songs (one cover)”agreed another fan.

In social networks, the hashtag ‘JÃO ON SUNDAY’ surpasses the mark of 25 thousand mentions on Twitter. The comments are the most diverse where praise prevails.



The host Luciano Huck broke protocol and called an adult to answer a question during the ‘Little Geniuses’ panel at Sunday.

During one of the math questions, the show’s production team began to say that one of the employees was just as good at answering the math as the kids.

Curious, the husband of Angelica took a microphone and went towards the boy. Embarrassed, the man was reluctant, but ended up answering a super complicated question.

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