“Smell of process in the air”


According to an article, the actor would have to sleep at a friend’s house when he gets home late

Photo: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Tata Werneck
Photo: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Tata Werneck

Tata Werneck he has good-humored days, but he also lets out the verb when necessary. Recently, a portal published an article in which they claimed that the presenter left her partner, the actor Rafa Vitti, as a punishment when he came home late. With that, the actor would need to sleep at friends’ house.

The comedian did not like it and released the verb. On his official Twitter profile, Tata quoted the matter and replied. The comedian released the word about the publication, threatening the process portal. “Good morning 🙂 smell of air process”she wrote.

Tata Werneck still explained that none of this happened and even joked about the situation. “This absolutely never happened 🙂 the only thing I ask Rafa when he gets late is not to sleep with dirty feet because no old woman likes dirty feet in bed”concluded the presenter.

On the internet, the matter reverberated and many fans of the couple were outraged by the publication of the matter. “Kkk I love that you read literally everything and don’t miss anything”wrote a follower. “It’s controversial but someone has to say: It’s necessary to normalize the dirty foot”joked another.

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