Solange Gomes rebels in famous store

Solange Gomes went through an unpleasant situation this weekend. The famous, who is part of the cast of the second season of Ilha Record, which has already had its recordings finished, came to vent on social media.

On Twitter, the ex-Banheira do Gugu said that she was surprised when shopping at Zara, a famous chain of clothing stores based in Spain, and being asked about having brought a bag so she could store the pieces she bought. The journalist did not know that if she wanted a branded bag, she would have to pay extra for each item.

“Today I went to the Zara store and thought I was at the market when it was time to pay. They asked me if I had taken the bag because now they charge R$0.50. I thought it was such a shameful joke. store with clothes in hand?”, she asked. “I paid BRL 0.50 for the bag and I even walked around the mall advertising for you. Zara, how ugly! Shameful.”

A follower agreed with the brunette’s complaint and left a comment. “Guys, what is this… How absurd!! The person already buys clothes in the store that are not cheap, the bag had to be included in the price, it’s like the Atakarejo market where you have to take your bag, because if not, you leave with your things in hand lol there you have to pay for the bag too”, recalled Letícia, who was answered by the artist.

“Exactly. I was ashamed of others”, replied Solange, who only learned that the store adopted this measure now because it had been recording Ilha since June and gained the support of several internet users who also considered it absurd for a company of this size not to offer bags. to customers.

Tweets by Solange Gomes about Zara bags

Solange Gomes has already left the confinement of Ilha Record 2

Solange Gomes in black clothes walking and smiling in the scenery of Ilha Record

Solange Gomes was only able to shop at Zara this weekend because she is no longer confined to Ilha Record 2. The program’s recordings ended last Friday (29) and all the members of the cast, including presenter Mariana Rios, already were released.

From now on, the work of the reality team will only be editing and finishing, but the final of the attraction, which will end at the end of September, will be live, just as it happened in the first season.

Solange Gomes is one of the explorers who has the biggest support from the public and recently got close to Jaciara Dias, with whom she had already dealt with at the beginning of the program.

In a chat about the game with Fábio, the Bahian revealed concern about being a target of Ste and also showed a desire to free Solange from the hot seat. “I would like to protect her”, she stated to the former player, also saying that the former Farm is a priority for her in the next cycle.

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