Start your own business with up to BRL 5,000

Starting a business from scratch can be a very complicated process. For this reason, many people end up giving up on the process. Until the establishment becomes known by the population, it is necessary to wait a while.

With all these issues, many entrepreneurs end up deciding to open a franchise. As they already bear the name of a large company, customer acceptance happens more naturally. Learn how to open one.

Low investment franchises: Start your own business with up to BRL 5,000
Franchise options in several areas – Image; Disclosure

How does a franchise work?

Franchising, also known as franchising, is a form of business that has been very attractive to people who want to leave the contracted employment model and open their own business.

In this type of contract, the company responsible for the name gives the entrepreneur the rights to resell its products, in this way both parties can receive values.

This is because the business owner ends up benefiting from the expansion of the brand and the franchisee has better security when starting the business process. In addition, it can use the name of the matrix to achieve greater credibility.

For this reason, the franchise opening modality offers numerous possibilities and advantages for all involved. In addition to these points already mentioned, there is still a lower chance of bankruptcy.

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Some franchising options

There are some franchise options that can cost up to R$5,000 to start work. This is a relatively good value when compared to the prices of big names like Mc Donald’s or Boticário, for example.

The first name on the list is UGuia. The company provides various services in the technology area. That is, she works in the consulting area and also creates websites, for example. The values ​​to open a store with that name, currently, can vary from R$ 499 to R$ 3,900. The monthly billing can be between 6 and 15 thousand on average.

T-shirt da Hora, on the other hand, is aimed at those who want to work in the clothing industry. For this option, the entrepreneur needs to have a website to carry out the resales. The initial investment is R$ 3,900, and the financial return appears in about 36 months.

For those who want to work with travel, the option is Information Planet. With the passage of the pandemic, the tourism business is on the rise, it is worth investing in travel agencies. And to work using this brand, the person needs to invest about R$ 5 thousand with the possibility of returning between 12 to 36 months.

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