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Is the month of heartbreak coming? According to the forecasts of Tarot, August 2022 is represented by the letter The carwith a driving and impulsive energy, continuing the agitation started the previous month by the Wheel of Fortune.

At the Arcanum XIIwe see a figure of royalty, crowned, imposingly driving his carriage, as if nothing and no one could stop him. The driver bravely continues towards the achievement of his goals and desires.

Some trends in August are πŸ‘€πŸ‘‡

  • Focus on leadership and authority figures, pointing out scandals and twists;
  • Disputes can escalate, generating disproportionate reactions;
  • We may have an aggravation of tensions and more remarkable events, but we can begin to see the depletion of conflicts slowly begin to take shape;
  • We may have news of accidents with transport vehicles involving important people or having an impact on the community;
  • Transport and fuel may have their crisis even worse, provoking popular mobilizations and being featured in the press;
  • favorable climate for manifestations;
  • Relevant scientific advances and of public interest can gain prominence in the major communication vehicles.

Next, we will see the predictions of Tarot in the areas of love, work and health. But if you want help planning August, try the Monthly Tarot for free here.

Love in the forecasts of Tarot in august 2022

For those looking for love:

  • It’s a good time to get stronger, so allow yourself live the opportunities that are in your way, because this is a great time to meet someone.
  • It is very important to think about what you have to offer and if you are ready to live a relationship, because it is on the way.

Who is already in a relationship:

  • It’s a period good for traveling or doing things that take the couple out of their routine. Live adventures, play sports together, in short, boost the relationship.
  • In this sense, it can be a good and productive phase, which the couple strengthens their bonds and lives intense, passionate and delicious moments.

For those not looking for relationships:

  • This is a good month for going out with friends for trips, adventures and tours, practice of sport and a lot of self-care.

For those who are out of work:

  • This could be a great time to change this situation, however, Arcanum VII asks you to you take the reins of the situation and run after. If you do, the chances of success are much higher.
  • Circulate, make contacts, communicate, send resumes.
  • There is possibility of change within the work, like a promotion, a change of sector or function, but always for the better and in the desired direction, or even a trip, if possible in your professional reality.
  • If you work for yourself, there is likely to be an increase in clientele, improvement and enhancement of the product and service.
  • With regard to health, The car ask attention to the locomotor system, that is, to the arms and legs, feet and hands, bones and muscles.
  • The Arcanum VII invites us to practice sports, within the limits of each. And don’t forget to take care of mental and emotional health too. It is important to ask for specialized help, such as psychotherapy, for example.

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