Under house arrest, Roberto Jefferson is launched by the PTB as a candidate for the Planalto | Elections 2022

The PTB held the party’s national convention this Monday (1st) in Brasília and launched former deputy Roberto Jefferson as a candidate for president of the Republic in this year’s elections.

The convention was held in a hotel in the city, and Roberto Jefferson did not attend because he has been under house arrest since January of this year. The presidential candidate sent a video to the event (read details further below).

Former supporter of Lula (PT) and convicted by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in the monthly allowance trial, Roberto Jefferson is currently an ally of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and was arrested last year in the investigation that investigates the performance of a digital militia. against democracy.

The Federal Police investigates indications and evidence that point to the existence of a criminal organization that would have acted with the purpose of attacking the democratic rule of law.

This organization, according to the investigations, would be divided into nuclei: production, publication, financing and political. Another suspicion is that the group was supplied with public funds.

>>> Remember in the video below when Roberto Jefferson went under house arrest:

Roberto Jefferson leaves prison in Rio to serve house arrest in the interior of the state

Roberto Jefferson leaves prison in Rio to serve house arrest in the interior of the state

Focus on the ‘rightist electorate’

As Jefferson did not attend the event in person, a video was shown in which the candidate read a letter.

In the video, Roberto Jefferson stated that his candidacy is not opposed to that of President Jair Bolsonaro, but rather “confronts abstention” and fills “some niches of options for the right-wing electorate”.

In the document, he adds that Bolsonaro is running for reelection “alone”, while the left “presents itself as an octopus with several tentacles”.

Jefferson also says that he is a “fan” of Bolsonaro’s ideas and that the president has an “inhibited electorate”.

“It doesn’t reconnect with the discontented, the famous ‘exempts’, and generates a huge abstention, which ends up electing a left-wing candidate by the minority of the electorate. It’s an unfair fight. A lone lion against a pack of hyenas. Argentina, Chile , Colombia, France are recent examples of electoral victories of the left that repeated this model”, affirms Jefferson in the document.

“We have to participate in this process. I offer my name, Roberto Jefferson, to run in the presidential election. I don’t want to inhibit anyone who wants to run for the nomination. I don’t want to inhibit any comrade who wants to support the president in the party for his reelection. In the end, we will be together,” he added.

Datafolha poll released last week showed Lula in first place, with 47% of voting intentions; then come Bolsonaro, with 29%; Ciro Gomes (PDT), with 8%; and Simone Tebet (MDB), with 2%.

Visibility for the prison

At g1, Honésio Ferreira, president of the Ivete Vargas Foundation (FIV), linked to the PTB, stated that it will be up to Jefferson’s allies to run the presidential campaign. According to him, the candidacy will be a means of drawing attention to Jefferson’s arrest and trying to press for his freedom.

“We’re going to campaign for him. It’s like we say: ‘You don’t need to have the candidate to run the campaign.’ of the campaign”, said Ferreira.

He adds that Jefferson’s candidacy is a “relevant fact” for the freedom of the PTB activist, imprisoned for almost a year.

“At least bring the discussion back. If he can’t, we’ll say the things he believes in. Make a video, a cartoon, put his image, the text as an announcer. Some pieces are already being produced” , added Honésio Ferreira.

According to the president of the IVF, it will be up to Roberto Jefferson himself to indicate the name of the candidate for vice president on the ticket.

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