understand the complaint made against Wesley Safadão

Last Wednesday (27/7), Wesley Safadão was accused of “child abuse” after posting a video dancing to his new song with his 8-year-old daughter. O single Macetando was played by father and daughter and released on the singer’s social networks. But what exactly does this accusation mean?

The complaint was registered by João Pessoa’s federal deputy Eliza Virgínia (PP) to the National Secretary for the Rights of Children and Adolescents, last Wednesday (26/7). According to Victor Varela, a lawyer at Kolbe Advogados e Associados, it is about “the early encouragement of children to eroticize”.


“The crime is characterized by the Child and Adolescent Statute (ECA) for any situation that involves a child or adolescent in explicit, real or simulated sexual activities, or the display of a child or adolescent’s genitals for sexual purposes”, he explains.

According to the specialist, child sexualization can harm common psychic development. “Usually, the adultization of children and adolescents is done through exposure to inappropriate content, in culture or on the internet”, he recalls.

Safadão committed a crime?

In the complaint filed by Eliza, she alleges that the video contains “evident child eroticization” and hurts the ECA. “Children should not be objects of intervention in the adult world, or to any type of sexual exploitation or presentation to explicit sex that will integrate them into this eroticized world”, she evaluated.

The lyrics of the song, which have a sexual content, say: “Bota de Red de watermelon for the young girl with gin that you will see put**** (Go, baby). Oh, call your friends, the dance is going to boil. Only those who are hot raise their hand.” And in the chorus: “And it’s sitting, sitting, sitting, young, sitting (Macetando)”.

“The criminal investigation will define the framework of the crime, and the crime of child sexualization can be imputed, since the video published by singer Wesley Safadão can be considered a simulation of sexual activity due to the content of the lyrics of the song”, highlights Varela.

The specialist also points out that social networks contribute to a greater eroticization of children and adolescents. “It is very important to evaluate photos and videos published on the internet that contain the image of a child or adolescent and, if possible, avoid their publication”, he emphasizes.

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