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the declaration of Caio Castro about paying the bill on a date has had a strong impact on social media in the last week. In an interview with the podcast ‘Your Brother’, he declared that he was against the obligation on a first date.

“What’s the difference between paying the bill and having to pay the bill? It bothers me a lot this feeling of having to support, having to pay… I don’t have to do shit,” he said in the interview.

Then, he revealed that he is always willing to pay for the meeting, but he doesn’t like this attitude to occur in a mandatory way. “I make a point of calling you for dinner, I go to the bathroom, I already pay the bill… It’s not even enough, it’s already settled… Now, he asked for the bill and he didn’t move and he never asked, as if I had that role? it’s mine daughter“, he added.

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caio castro and daiane de paula

Caio Castro and Jojo Todynho

It didn’t take long for the situation to become the main topic of networks like Twitter. The repercussion was so great that even some famous people spoke out on the subject.

“Being a woman is expensive, having a woman is even more expensive. If you put it on the bill, it doesn’t come close to the restaurant bill. So, value yourself and the women you have”, he said. Jojo Todynho in video posted on Instagram

Meanwhile, the presenter Mariana Rios exalted men who are willing to pay the bill. “The boy has to pay the bill on the first date. That’s chivalry. That’s being a gentleman. That doesn’t mean that he’s going to pay for me, support me, that I depend on him, that I’m enjoying something that is his. This is a man-to-woman thing,” he explained.

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Caio Castro and Grazi

One of Caio Castro’s most famous relationships was with actress Grazi Massafera, which ended in August 2021. The two spent almost two years together and even shared an apartment in Rio de Janeiro.

Grazi was even mentioned as Caio’s ex-girlfriend in the midst of the confusion with the repercussion of the video. In some comments on the networks, followers of the blonde asked details about the relationship between the two.

“Grazi, tell us. Did you split the bill when you were dating Caio?” questioned one. “Too beautiful, she doesn’t deserve to split the bill either here or in China,” commented another.

Current girlfriend manifests

Caio Castro’s girlfriend, Daiane de Paula, was not silent about the controversy bill payment in restaurants. She published an ironic message saying that “a thousand will interfere in your life, ten thousand in your choices, but only you will pay your bills”.

Daiane is Faustão’s former dancer and current reporter for the presenter’s program on Band. The couple has been together since February 2022.

Who is Caio Castro?

Caio Castro began his career as an actor in the soap opera “Workout“, for which he was selected after winning a contest in “Huck’s cauldron“.

During the serial, he assumed the relationship with the actress Sophie Charlotte and, soon after, behind the scenes of the soap opera Amor à Vida, he started a romance with Maria Casadevall.

In his career, in 2018, he decided not to renew his contract with Globo and to maintain a bond only for works with the broadcaster, while in 2020 he launched his career as a pilot.

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