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Businessman José Lucas Moulaes Figueiredo, 29, and doctor Amanda Cavalcante Lozer, 25, experienced apprehensive moments during a trip to Colombia. Last Thursday (28), the couple, who are from Espírito Santo and currently live in Campinas, São Paulo, were taking a parachute ride, towed by a speedboat, when a storm approached and the equipment rope broke, causing them to fall into the sea.

The accident was recorded by José Lucas (look above), who was filming the tour at the time. The businessman and the doctor were in Colombia on vacation and the parachute trip to the San Andrés archipelago was part of the schedule.

In the video footage you can see the approaching storm, while the couple is already at the top. José Lucas said that the more the weather closed in, the more the couple swayed in the air and the boat was not stable either. The following moments were of despair and agony, according to his account to the g1:

“We saw that the guide who accompanied the pilot threw an anchor and it seems that she was not holding it. Our fear was that we would get loose. While it was rocking, at least we were glued to the boat. We don’t know if the rope broke or if they released us on purpose so as not to capsize the boat”.

  • In 2021, woman died while bungee jumping before putting on safety equipment in Colombia

When the rope broke and the two were free in the air, José Lucas pulled a safety rope, which closes the equipment and prevents it from flying.

A couple from Espírito Santo were enjoying a parachute ride moments before the rope broke — Photo: Reproduction/personal archive

During the fall, the businessman says that he and his wife were taken towards the city, where there was a containment of stones. However, they managed to stop the equipment earlier.

When they fell into the water, a man, who arrived on a watercraft, helped the couple. But, according to him, the company responsible for the tour did not help and did not refund the amount paid. “They only gave him a little water,” he said.

Storm caused rain and strong winds in Colombia during the parachute ride of the Brazilian couple – Photo: Reproduction/Personal archive

The couple had some bruises and also had neck pain. They return to Brazil this Sunday (31), where they plan to undergo more in-depth examinations.

“We are fine. Thank God it was just a scare. We still have some neck pain, but I believe it will pass throughout the week”, said the businessman. “Let’s go to the next one, but not that radical,” he joked.

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