Visa Infinite: discover credit cards with easy approval

It is not news to anyone that credit cards are useful in our daily lives. However, many people still struggle to get an easy-to-approve, high-limit financial product. So how about getting to know the Visa Infinite?

If you are trying to get a new credit card and want a high limit, the Visa Infinite have some options. In addition to the cards offered by Visa, there are many offers from other operators such as Nubank, C6 Bank, Banco Pan, Next, Neon and more. Learn a little more about each option in this Sunday’s article (31) in Notícias Concursos.

The best Visa Infinite cards

Check out the list we have prepared and see which card fits your reality.

Santander Select Unique

Banco Santander has partnered with Visa Infinite to offer a super easy-to-obtain credit card. You can apply for a card in two ways: the first is through the Way app, opening an account and requesting an upgrade. Another way to apply for Santander Select Unique is to open a bank account with Santander for free and order the financial product.

XP Visa Infinite

The XP card is a great option if you usually invest and have extra money for it. To guarantee the card with a good limit, you need to download the app and register with XP Investimentos.

So, with an investment of at least R$5,000.00 in national development or fixed income banks, it becomes much easier. After that, you need to wait 45 days to receive an approval response.

Bradesco Visa Infinite

Banco Bradesco also offers this card option. However, you will need to prove your income.

Itaú Uniclass Visa Infinite

Visa Infinite: discover credit cards with easy approval
Visa Infinite: discover credit cards with easy approval – Itaú

Although Itaú Uniclass is not the best in ratings, it is a worthwhile option for anyone looking to get out of an annuity. Also, like Infinite, the card offers many other benefits to Uniclass users.


Santander, Bradesco and Banco do Brasil offer options for Smiles cards Visa Infinite. It’s such a popular card that it even offers the advantage of miles to buy airline tickets.

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