What are the radical groups that will be in the Bolsonarista act on September 7

Bolsonaro’s face deformed in supporter’s shirt during demonstration

After President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) summoned his supporters to the streets on the September 7 holiday under the context of “defense of freedom”, some radical groups began to appear and speculate their presence in the acts, which will take place throughout Brazil.

According to the São Paulo Military Police, this Monday (26), seven right-wing groups have already expressed their interest in participating in the acts in favor of the president, namely:

  • Steel Checkers;
  • Homeland Volunteers;
  • Alliance of the Right of Brazil;
  • Movement Advances Brazil;
  • Patriots of Brazil;
  • Conservative Movement Order and Progress;
  • National Federation of Entities of State Military Squares in Brazil.

In a note, the local PM states that “the aforementioned groups file their notifications in this operational section, in order to manifest themselves at various points on Av. Paulista, with variations of guidelines, among them, god, country and family”.

Also according to the statement, the requests “have already been accepted and will be analyzed often, because in the event of antagonism or a tie in protocols, they will be decided in a preparatory meeting, with all movements present, as established in state decree 64.074/19”.

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