400-year-old shark spotted for the first time in the Caribbean Sea

Animal was seven thousand kilometers from its natural habitat, the freezing waters of the Arctic; experts don’t know what brought him there

Reproduction / Devanshi Kasana400 year old shark (1)
400-year-old shark lives in the depths of the ocean

A 400-year-old shark was seen for the first time in the sea caribbean. The unusual episode was captured by researcher Devanshi Kasana, who was working with fishermen to tag tiger sharks when she noticed the presence of a different and slower animal than the others. “I knew it was something unusual and so did the fishermen, who had never seen anything like it in all their years of fishing,” said the woman. “At first I was sure it was something else, like a six-gill shark that is well known from the deep waters of coral reefs,” she added. It is not known for sure which species of animal, however, a shark specialist in Greenland heard by Kasana, say it is a “Greenland shark” or “sleeper shark”, which usually inhabits freezing Arctic waters, but which was seven thousand kilometers from its natural habitat. It is not yet known what the animal was doing in the warm waters of the Caribbean, however, as it is a species that is still unknown, experts do not rule out that it could be scouring the depths of the ocean like others of the same family. The case was turned into a scientific article and was published in the journal Marine Biology. The longevity of the animal is related to slow movement that slows down its growth.

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