After losing 35 kg, Pericles does not seek ‘ideal weight’: ‘Focus is on good health’ – 02/08/2022

“I don’t have this idea of ​​having an ideal weight because I can’t just focus on this issue. I have to be well and in good health. One thing automatically leads to another.” This is how the singer Pericles, 53, commented on his weight loss, from 210 kg to 175 kg, in the last two years.

With 35 kg less, more than losing weight, the artist’s focus has always been to have a healthier life. in an interview with Live wellhe commented on the dietary reeducation he adopted —avoiding any type of weight reduction surgery—, the constant practice of physical activity, in addition to the improvement he has been feeling in recent years.

More time to take care of yourself

It was at the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020, that Pericles decided to start a healthier routine, alongside his wife Lidiane Faria. He was already doing physical exercises with the help of a personal trainer, but he decided to include food reeducation which, in the singer’s case, involved greater consumption of healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and the reduction of soft drinks, carbohydrates and sweets – the consumption of of alcohol, according to the singer, remained low.

“I’ve been struggling with this issue for a few years. More precisely in this pandemic period, we made the choice to take better care of ourselves and be more attentive”, recalls Pericles, who even caught covid in November 2020.

“Then I looked for food reeducation because I had more time to take care of myself. Nobody knew when we were going to return, so it was a period when I thought: ‘If I have to take care of myself, it will be now'”, says the artist, remembering that, in addition, his daughter Maria Helena had just been born, which motivated him even more.

Pericles - Rodolfo Magalhães/Disclosure - Rodolfo Magalhães/Disclosure

Singer has already lost 35 kg since adopting food reeducation

Image: Rodolfo Magalhães/Disclosure

Fatigue, tiredness and back pain

Food re-education is carried out with the advice of nutritionists and nutritionists, and the singer also does physical activity, at least three times a week, with the help of a personal – in addition to the follow-up of a cardiologist, who did all the singer’s check-up.

At the moment, Pericles said that he is not able to follow training because of work. The routine is difficult with DVD recording, concerts, participation in TV shows, etc. However, the singer’s personal trainer, Ditter Augusto Diogo, gave more details about his training routine.

The two met five years ago, when the singer arrived with complaints related to back pain.

Pericles only did shows sitting down, because he couldn’t stand the tiredness and had a lot of fatigue. His first goal has always been health and weight loss is a consequence of changing habits” Ditter Augusto Diogo, physical education professional at Fefisa (Integrated Colleges of Santo André)

The artist began with weight training exercises to strengthen the body — always carefully, to preserve the joints. At first, the concern was to find a workout that would fit into the singer’s routine. As he adapted, the training sessions increased.

“Pericles attends classes three to four times a week. Sometimes, it reaches five. Today, with the gigantic evolution he’s had, we’ve already managed to put in some functional exercises, which demand more from the joints. As he is better prepared for this , it is possible to have a lot of benefit with this type of training”, he says.

Pericles with daughter Maria Helena and wife Lidiane - Press Release/Talita Ciardi - Press Release/Talita Ciardi

Pericles with daughter Maria Helena and wife Lidiane

Image: Publicity/Talita Ciardi

But what exercises does the singer do? In addition to traditional bodybuilding, “pulling iron”, focusing mainly on the legs, he performs functional training that, in short, works the whole body. In the case of Pericles, he does exercises with naval rope or on the trampoline.

So far, the singer’s personal trainer says that, with all the effort and dedication, Pericles has already presented several positive changes. “It’s absurd how much he’s improved. I watched two of his shows, at night, in which he spent the whole time on his feet. This is priceless and is the biggest proof that the effort pays off for the result”, says Diogo.

“He is also dancing and choreographing on stage. Only those who have seen the way he arrived know the path he has traveled and how much he has evolved.”

“Now I can sit on the floor and get up”

Pericles also reported that he has already noticed improvements after the new habits, especially after losing 35 kg.

I feel much better everyday. I can sleep better and move better. There are other things that I do more easily today that used to be very difficult, like lying down or sitting on the floor and being able to get up. These were things I hadn’t done in a long time and now I do it more naturally. Pericles

For many people, creating the habit of doing physical exercise, or simply adopting a healthier routine, can be difficult, mainly due to consistency — every other week, laziness hits. But Pericles found his own motivation.

“The difficult thing is to start, but once you start and you want to change, nobody will stop you. Want to change and want to be the change. Seek the best for you”, says the artist, who reinforces the importance of having people who support around you. “Keep going and don’t give up.”

Pericles at Estúdio UOL, in January 2020 - Mariana Pekin/UOL - Mariana Pekin/UOL

Pericles at Estúdio UOL, in January 2020

Image: Mariana Pekin/UOL

Family, friends and art

For Pericles, one way to take care of mental health is to be in contact with family and friends, something that was essential in the period of social isolation. “What helped me was the birth of our daughter, Maria Helena. As a family, we became much more united.”

In moments of greater introspection, the singer likes to read books, in addition to listening to friends’ songs or composing his own songs. “Art as a whole is a great way to maintain mental health.”

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