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It is difficult to travel by plane in Brazil – the price of airline tickets rose 77% in one year.

The reasons are the increase in demand, the rise in the dollar and the soaring price of fuel – according to the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), aviation kerosene rose almost 60% between January and May this year.

“Obviously, the soaring barrel of oil and the conflict in Ukraine influenced the price of jet fuel. On the supply side, the price rose with rising costs. On the demand side, the greater demand for airline tickets, that consumption dammed during the pandemic, has been corrected over the last few months”, analyzed the economist of the National Confederation of Commerce, Fábio Bentes.

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At Congonhas Airport, in São Paulo, it is easy to hear complaints. Anyone who is about to board knows how the ticket prices are.

“I make monthly trips to Campo Grande, in Mato Grosso do Sul. The tickets are getting more and more expensive. You can go to Disney going to Campo Grande”, compared the dentist Gregório Dourado.

“With the price as it is, we have to think twice about taking a trip or a tour. Sometimes, we even prefer the bus”, evaluated industrial piping supervisor Sebastião Luiz da Silva.

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The trend is that ticket prices do not suffer major readjustments – neither up nor down – until October. This is because the world economy should grow less and the pressure on fuel prices should decrease.

But at the end of the year, the tickets can take off.

“In general, tourist services tend to have prices pressured during the high season. Those who plan, end up being able to protect their budget a little better. It is very important to keep an eye on the interest rate when financing an airline ticket” , recommended Bentes.

“In addition to planning, it is necessary to have flexibility. If you have a very closed date, you limit your search field. You have to search with prices, miles, on company websites and on alternative websites. You have to research”, suggests the journalist Felipe Falcao. He has lived in São Paulo for 15 years, but has family in Maceió.

Petrobras announced last week a 2.6% reduction in the price of jet fuel.

Despite this, the Brazilian Airlines Association says that it is premature to make any prediction of impact on ticket prices.

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