Alcides’ genital organ “is born again” after castration, he realizes he is still “in active” and celebrates with Maria Bruaca

Alcides will be mutilated
Castration of Alcides in Pantanal (Photo: Reproduction)

In wetlandGlobo’s 9pm soap opera, Tenório (Murilo Benicio) will take revenge on Alcides (Juliano Cazarré) in a very painful way. This is because the farmer will decide to castrate the farmhand because he is Maria Bruaca’s (Isabel Teixeira) lover. However, a kind of “miracle” will happen and the intimate part of the pawn we will say “will be born again”.

In the original version of the plot, the castration scene of Alcides was quite impactful. At the time, Tenório tied the pawn and, definitely, tore off his genital organ with a machete. However, the sequel did not please the public at the time and generated great dissatisfaction. Because of this, the author had to practically find a solution to reverse the fact.

Thus, at the end of the 1990 soap opera, Alcides “for a miracle” reveals to Maria Bruaca that the castration did not work. “He bled me like that, Maria, but he didn’t ‘cap’ me, no“, says the boy, excited. The woman, in turn, celebrates the news quite a lot.


In this year’s remake, Globo should make some changes to the scene and leave a “mystery” tone in the air. According to information gathered by the TV news, we will not see the part where Tenório uses the machete to injure the pawn. Everything we will watch, it is worth noting, will be from the perspective of Maria Bruaca. On occasion, a woman will be trapped in a small room listening to Alcides’ screams during the cruel act.

In the final stretch of the nine o’clock soap opera, as happened in the first version, Alcides will realize that he was not castrated. Then he will celebrate the fact with his beloved Maria.

About the scene, Juliano Cazarré, who plays Alcides, gave some details during Ana Maria Braga’s program on July 25th. “There will be changes in relation to the original, but I think it maintains the weight of what happened with Alcides. He comes out very devastated by what he’s going to go through, but I think it’s going to be less graphic, less bloody than the other one. It becomes more mysterious what happened, it gives people the opportunity to build it in their heads, but I can’t say much about it either.“, said the actor.

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It is worth noting that wetland it’s a novel of Benedito Ruy Barbosa, aired – originally – in 1990, on the extinct Rede Manchete. This year, the plot is being adapted by Bruno Luperi and aired on TV Globo.

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