Brunna Gonçalves reveals why Ludmilla does not wear a wedding ring: “Most important”

Brunna Gonçalves used her social media to explain why Ludmilla doesn’t wear a wedding ring. The dancer decided to open the Instagram question box to answer this curiosity of the fans, this Monday (01). The dancer ended up saying that the singer does not like to wear rings.

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“Bru, explain to me why Lud doesn’t wear a wedding ring? Surely you must have already explained it but as I didn’t see it”, asked a follower of the influencer. “Ludmilla only wears a ring to go out, and even then in the middle of the night she rips everything off. She can’t keep any rings. And for me, honestly, wearing a ring is not the most important thing in a relationship”, Brunna replied.

Photo: Playback/Instagram

Brunna Gonçalves talks about the song ‘Maldives’

Brunna Gonçalves also answered a fan question about the Maldives song. The song was written by Ludmilla as a tribute to the ballerina and was popular throughout Brazil.

“I get emotional every time I hear it for a variety of reasons. This song brings back a lot of good memories! And seeing that the public received her so well and the way she deserves makes me very happy. Maldives is bursting a bubble that you have no idea about. Seeing a pagoda sung by a black woman, which tells the story of a lesbian couple, go so far in a society that is so prejudiced makes me so proud,” she wrote.

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