Caio Blat recalls the soap opera “Um Anjo Caiu do Céu”, which premiered on Globoplay: “A very special work”

The earthly adventures lived by the angel Raphael already have a date set to premiere on Globoplay: On August 1st, the soap opera ‘Um Anjo Caiu do Céu’ arrives on the platform, as part of the project to rescue classic dramaturgy from the platform.

Shown by TV Globo in 2001, the plot, written by Antônio Calmon and directed by Amora MautnerDennis Carvalho and José Luiz Villamarim, has as protagonists the characters João Medeiros, played by Tarcísio Meira, and the angel Rafael, played by Caio Blat.

In the story, we meet the photographer João Medeiros who, after accidentally photographing a neo-Nazi leader, suffers an attack that leaves him on the verge of death. With the sending of your guardian angel to Earth, Medeiros gains a few months of life to solve personal problems. However, Raphael, a clumsy apprentice angel, incarnates to help his protégé and lives human youth as a mere mortal. He suffers, falls in love, gets into trouble and gradually loses his divine aura. At the end of the plot, both need to remember the objective of their missions on Earth to follow their paths.

Emotion on paper

In an interview sent to the press this Monday (01), Caio Blat celebrated the premiere of the plot after 21 years. “First, I was very happy with this news, because it is a job that was very, very special in my life, that changed my whole life, that I always missed seeing again and I always wanted to show it to my children. My youngest now he is 12 years old and it will be very special to be able to show him”, he said.

He then recalled the character: “It was very exciting to be able to play Rafael. I loved the movie ‘Wings of Desire’, which talks about that, about divinity and humanity; about angels being jealous of humans, of human emotions. So, it’s always been a very important and very strong theme, the divine and the mystery. And I’m a very spiritual person in that sense. I believe a lot in angels. So, for me, he was a very special character”.

Regarding the backstage of the soap opera, Caio Blat fondly recalled the first recordings. “A very strong memory was our trip at the beginning of the soap opera to Prague, which was a city I had never heard of, one of the most beautiful places in the world. A mixture of Europe and the East. spent there, all the culture I discovered, the scenes we recorded…. It was all amazing. One of the remarkable moments of this soap opera were these trips and images that we did in the first chapters with Rafael saving the character’s life of Tarcisio”.

Working among the greats

At the time of the telenovela’s premiere, Caio Blat was only 21 years old and played opposite several classic teledramaturgy talents, such as Tarcísio Meira, Renata Sorrah, Patrícia Pillar and Paulo José. He told how the experience was: “Really, the telenovela had a stellar cast. It was a privilege to be there among the great talents; I learned a lot by watching”, he recalled.

“Renata Sorrah, who is my idol, Paulo José, whose plot mixed with mine, Sergio Loroza, who recorded with my character and Tarcísio and I, who created a very special partnership. We found a very fun tone. joking. One was always teasing the other and we ended up forming a very unlikely, very funny duo”, he concluded.

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