CAIXA: see who can apply for a loan of up to BRL 100,000

THE Federal Savings Bank has loans of up to R$100 thousand with special conditions for citizens who are negative. The offer, released by the bank, relies on Pledge Caixa.

Initially, it is important to point out that, in order to receive the amount via loan, the user must leave an asset as a guarantee for the payment of the debt. According to release rules, the minimum amount for the loan is R$50, but the maximum amount can reach up to R$100,000, depending on the object to be pledged.

The program does not establish any assessment in credit institutions, such as SPC or Serasa. In addition, it is possible for the customer to pledge up to the FGTS balance, keeping the amounts blocked during the contracting period.

Therefore, interested parties must be aware of the approval and value of the credit, which will depend on the assessment of the asset placed in pledge. Thus, even if the citizen has a dirty name, it is possible to take out the loan.

Among the items that can be placed as collateral are: watches, silverware, first-rate pens, jewelry and even the FGTS. The pledged asset must be delivered to the institution at the time of contracting, being returned only at the end of the debt payment.

How to apply for credit for negatives?

Beforehand, it is necessary to have a good that can be placed as collateral. If you have one, check which Caixa Econômica branch offers the credit modality, being the one closest to you. Once this is done, go to the bank and present the identity document, CPF and proof of address.

At the time, it will be necessary to inform that you want to contract the Caixa Pledge Credit program. Remembering that the item that will be placed as a guarantee must be taken for evaluation.

In this way, if the asset is in the parameters according to the category, the institution will make the loan contract. It should be noted that the number of installments and payment method will be defined at the time, together with the customer.

However, if the guarantee is the FGTS, the manager of the Caixa branch must carry out a calculation to define the amounts and payment terms. With all the steps completed, the bank will deposit the money.

FGTS guarantee

The Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS), in which Caixa is the payment manager, can also be used to guarantee payment of the loan. In this case, the default of the installments is resolved with the direct withdrawal from the FGTS of the amount corresponding to the debt.

In this model, the amount granted is 10% of the available balance in the fund’s account and 40% of the fine when there is unfair dismissal.

To request, the company must have joined the service. In this case, the citizen should contact the Personnel Department (DP) or Human Resources (HR) sector to seek more information.

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