Cátia Fonseca talks about Ana Maria Braga’s apology after the gaffe on the show: “She feels responsible”


Cátia Fonseca analyzed the apology made by Ana Maria Braga after the gaffe aired on “Mais Você” this Monday (01)

Cátia Fonseca opined on Ana Maria Braga's apology
© Reproduction / Band / GloboCátia Fonseca opined on Ana Maria Braga’s apology

Catia Fonseca analyzed the apology made by Ana Maria Braga hours after a gaffe aired on “Mais Você” this Monday (01). At the moment when the Globo veteran was talking about the case of racism suffered by the children of Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliassothe image of monkeys appeared on the screen, making the presenter embarrassed.

On “Best of Afternoon” (Band), Cátia spoke about Ana Maria’s apologies given by social networks — she even assured that the person responsible for editing was fired from the team. “She’s down, right? You see, Ana Maria always has a strong posture and looks at how sad she is, because it’s everything that couldn’t have happened”, she reported.

Afterwards, Cátia stressed that the responsibility for displaying the images was not Ana Maria’s, but still she felt like responsible and for that he publicly apologized. “Although it’s not her responsibility, Ana Maria knows it’s her team, and the team as I say: when one does, everyone goes”, she emphasized.

“Unforgivable Mistake”

In sequence, Cátia noticed the way Ana Maria apologized to the public. “Do you see the way she talked about the apology? That she says ‘I’m sorry, it was an unforgivable mistake and the person is no longer part of the team, but I apologize’, because she is the representative of the team”, stressed the presenter. .

“I think anyone would [abalado]but I think that Ana Maria is more […] It’s a team, so is it her responsibility? Yes, she feels responsible, for being the head of the group”, she ended up on the case.

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