Columnists’ predictions for the quarterfinals

The time has come to start defining who will be the four semifinalists of the continental tournaments. Corinthians x Flamengo is the match that opens, tonight (2), the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores, in a game that takes place at Neo Química Arena, at 21:30 (Brasília time).

Tomorrow (3), another Brazilian duel marks the new phase of Libertadores: Atlético-MG x Palmeiras, with the first match at Mineirão, at 21:30.

The other Brazilian who is still alive in the fight for the Libertadores title is Athletico-PR de Felipão, who will take to the field on Thursday (4) to receive Estudiantes, from Argentina, at Arena da Baixada, also at 21:30.

The week is also for dispute in the Copa Sudamericana. In another green and yellow clash, São Paulo welcomes Ceará tomorrow night, at 19:15, at Morumbi. Internacional will face Melgar, in Peru, at 7:15 pm on Thursday.

So, do you already have an idea of ​​yours? guesses for these games? The columnists of UOL Esporte placed their bets for the main games of Libertadores and Sudamericana. Check out:


Corinthians vs Flamengo

Alicia Klein – Draw
Amara Moira – Draw
Danilo Lavieri – Flamengo
Julio Gomes – Corinthians
Menon – Corinthians
Milly Lacombe – Corinthians
Milton Neves – Flamengo
Renato Maurício Prado – Draw
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Corinthians
Rodrigo Coutinho – Flamengo
Vitor Guedes – Corinthians


Sao Paulo vs Ceara

Alicia Klein – Sao Paulo
Amara Moira – Draw
Danilo Lavieri – Draw
Julio Gomes – Sao Paulo
Menon – Sao Paulo
Milly Lacombe – Sao Paulo
Milton Neves – Sao Paulo
Renato Maurício Prado – Sao Paulo
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Sao Paulo
Rodrigo Coutinho – Sao Paulo
Vitor Guedes – Sao Paulo

Atletico MG vs Palmeiras

Alicia Klein – Draw
Amara Moira – Palmeiras
Danilo Lavieri – Draw
Julio Gomes – Palmeiras
Menon – Athletic
Milly Lacombe – Palmeiras
Milton Neves – Atlético-MG
Renato Maurício Prado – Draw
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Draw
Rodrigo Coutinho – Palmeiras
Vitor Guedes – Palmeiras


Athletico vs Students

Alicia Klein – Athletico
Amara Moira – Athletico
Danilo Lavieri – Draw
Julio Gomes – Draw
Menon – Draw
Milly Lacombe – Draw
Milton Neves – Athletico
Renato Maurício Prado – Draw
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Athletico
Rodrigo Coutinho – Students
Vitor Guedes – Athletico

melt x International

Alicia Klein – International
Amara Moira – melt
Danilo Lavieri – International
Julio Gomes – melt
Menon – International
milly Lacombe – International
Milton Neves – International
Renato Maurício Prado – International
Rodolfo Rodrigues – International
Rodrigo Coutinho – International
Vitor Guedes – International

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