DC Revealed Why Nobody Thinks Clark Kent Is Superman

The concept of a secret identity is one of the most traditional elements of comic books. This is because when dealing with criminals, loved ones of superheroes are in danger. Due to the long time he has existed, Superman has the most popular secret identity among the general public.


The Last Son of Krypton Is Also the Polite Reporter Clark Kent. For years, he fooled the world at large with his thick glasses, bad posture, and clumsy personality. Anyone who looked twice at Kent would never have suspected that someone so simple could be Superman.

Nonetheless, Superman #687 (in James Robinson and Renato Guedes), it was revealed that the hero’s disguise has an extra layer of protection. In the plot, as described by Screenrant, Superman left Earth for New Krypton and left Mon-El in his place, Mms Mon-El can’t handle his secret identity so well.

It was later revealed that Superman implanted a device into Mon-El’s neck that would help him hide his private life as ‘Jonathan Kent’. The device allows Mon-El to vibrate his head enough that Mon-El can keep his facial features as elusive as possible.

Super man

This perfectly explains how Superman would be able to keep his private life as a reporter for the Daily Planet a secret for so long. His disguise as Clark Kent isn’t just limited to glasses. It’s his mannerisms, posture, voice and countless other details.

A little flutter to keep a constantly changing face might seem tiresome, that’s what helped Superman keep his secret for years in DC Comics the most. What are his thoughts on this? Don’t forget to comment on our social media!

Henry Cavill’s Superman Was Almost In A Big DCEU Movie

Last year, during the release of The Suicide Squadthe director James Gunn revealed that before settling on Starro the Conqueror as the film’s main antagonist, he envisioned Superman facing off against Task Force X. But the DCEU’s muddled status became a drag.

when i started writing The Suicide Squad, one idea was for them to fight Superman, Gunn told Filmstarts. “The Squad had to capture Superman for some reason. That was all, just a vague idea. He would get out of control or he would be being controlled by someone. And so this group of supervillains has to face the most powerful hero in the world“.

Gunn has done an admirable job of incorporating DCEU elements into the film without being overwhelmed by those connections. However, the director had a plan for a much more direct connection to the larger cinematic universe, something that is lacking in current productions based on DC Comics properties.

Super man

Superman being the main villain wouldn’t be much different from what’s happening with the upcoming game of rocksteady, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, where Kal-El and the Justice League will be the main villains. As the most powerful person on the planet, Superman would certainly pose a significant threat to the team.

Such a concept would fit perfectly in a Suicide Squad movie, and while it’s hard to imagine the recent movie without Starro, it would be interesting to see the group of complex antiheroes take on the Man of Steel. But what about you, what do you think of all this? Comment in our Telegram group!

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