Deborah Secco opens a travel album with her family in Portugal and says goodbye to her daughter to go back to work

In Portugal to record a series in partnership between Globoplay and RTP, Deborah Secco had a break from recording to enjoy her family. Alongside her husband, Hugo Moura, and daughter, Maria Flor, the trio went to the Alentejo region.

Photo: Playback/Instagram

“What a place”, praised the actress, when publishing a video jumping into the pool.

In other photos, the artist appears sunbathing with the little one, as well as enjoying a family lunch. With the return to work, the actress has already said that she misses her loves.

Photo: Playback/Instagram

“I miss you… It was yesterday, but it seems like an eternity. How crazy motherhood is! I love you, Fifi”, she said.

see more photos of the actress’s family trip by clicking here.

international series

Deborah Secco is one of the protagonists of “Codex 632”, a series based on the book by José Rodrigues dos Santos and tells the story of a university professor who finds himself involved in an investigation that could change the course of world history.

Deborah in the recordings
Deborah in the recordings

“It’s a joy to be here. It’s a completely new experience, unlike anything I’ve ever lived. I’m very happy and proud to be able to represent Brazil, being part of the cast”, said Deborah Secco to RTP.

In addition to Secco, the Brazilian cast will feature Alexandre Borges and Betty Faria. The plot will be carried out by the Portuguese Paulo Pires.

Deborah Secco featured as her new character and the arrival of the family
Deborah Secco characterized as her new character and the arrival of the family Photo: Reproduction

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