Defined who owns the modern helicopter that the Beluga plane brought to Brazil

Image: Reproduction / Golf Oscar Romeo, via YouTube

The exotic Airbus A300-600ST Beluga plane arrived, its very special cargo was unloaded at Viracopos International Airport, in Campinas (SP), and a large number of people had the opportunity to see, live or through internet broadcasts, the first coming of this airplane model to Brazil.

But after the great repercussion of the operation, the curiosity remained: who would be the modern and luxurious Airbus ACH160 helicopter – the first of a customer in Latin America and one of the first of the model in the world?

At first, after the aircraft was assembled in the Azul Linhas Aéreas hangar in Viracopos and took off, it was possible to identify the PS-AXM registration, allowing a consultation with the registration with the Brazilian Aeronautical Registry (RAB). In the following video, it is possible to remember the first appearance of the beautiful helicopter in the Azul yard and the first takeoff:

However, despite the registration seen in the video above, in the RAB the ACH160 is owned and operated by Helibras, a Brazilian subsidiary of Airbus, which would not allow knowing to whom the company would transfer the equipment.

But the “mystery” came to an end this week, when journalist Lauro Jardim revealed the buyer of the helicopter. This is Beto Sicupira, a 74-year-old billionaire businessman from Rio de Janeiro and a partner in companies Anheuser-Busch InBev, Burger King and Kraft-Heinz, among others.

According to records from online tracking platforms, after departing Viracopos airport on the 28th, the PS-AXM stayed at Campo de Marte, in São Paulo, where there is a Helibras hangar, until the 29th. Congonhas, where it will be hangared.

Then, on the 30th, it flew to the Helipark, in Carapicuíba (SP), and then went to São José dos Campos (SP), returning to Congonhas on the same day.

Finally, on August 1st, the ACH160 went to the coast of São Paulo in the region of Santos and then returned again to Congonhas.

PS-AXM flights can be tracked in real time by the RadarBox platform via this link.

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