Discover the fruit that helps you control bad cholesterol

High cholesterol is a condition that affects millions of Brazilians every year. The point is that its main consequences are related to serious problems in the heart, as there are great chances of clogging the veins of the respective organ.
In view of this, a specific fruit has been studied by scientists who have proven its high potential for reducing bad cholesterol in the body. Follow the text and learn which fruit helps in controlling bad cholesterol!

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The importance of bergamot

To control cholesterol, the best way, in addition to medicine and physical exercises, is to have a good diet rich in fruits and fibers that help eliminate stored fats in our body.

Research work carried out at the University of Illinois has shown that bergamot can be an essential fruit in the treatment of total cholesterol and, more specifically, LDL. It is a citrus fruit known in some regions of the country as bergamot and in others as tangerine.

It contains phytochemicals such as brutieridine and melittin, which can alter the function of AMPK, reducing the action of bad cholesterol in the human body. Furthermore, studies have shown that these effects can happen from 12 to 30 days in the human body.

The difference between cholesterols

Cholesterol is something naturally produced by the body, but it has two types: good and bad. The good, known as HDL, is an essential lipoprotein for the heart, carried by the arteries and eliminated by the liver.

LDL is a dangerous lipoprotein, which leads to the accumulation of fatty plaques on the inner walls, which reduce the flow of blood in important arteries of the human body. Its clogging can cause serious complications, including heart attack.

Likewise, oat bran, salmon and eggplant are some foods that can be added to the diet in order to reduce bad cholesterol in the body. In any case, it is always recommended, when making any decisions about your own diet or health, to seek advice from a qualified professional, such as a nutritionist or a nutritionist.

This article does not present solutions to medical or psychological problems. Consult a specialist before starting any treatment.

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