“Drop eye will not have more”

Former BBB Laís Caldas pins Maíra Cardi on social media when giving details to followers of a new surgery she had on her eye

The ex-BBB Laís Caldas gave something to talk about this Monday (01) when he reappeared on his social networks after a week away. She had had eye surgery and explained that she was bothered by wrinkles and sagging at the site.

“The wrinkles and sagging under my eyes bothered me a lot, and the excess skin of the upper right eyelid too”told the dermatologist in the stories, giving details of the blepharoplasty she performed.

“It wasn’t the ‘droopy eye’, ‘dead fish eye’, as some people used while I was inside the BBB. That’s not the correct term, it’s a bullying that people practice with those who have ptosis. surgery because of that. I took advantage of what I was going to do and did everything”continued Laís Caldas.

In the end, the ex-BBB still pinned Maira Cardiwho had detonated him at the time of the reality show trying to diminish him for his appearance. “For the haters and this famous person who doesn’t remember my name, now learn hard or you’ll have to bully with another adjective.mocked.


Beauties! The ex-BBBs Laís Caldas, Jade Picon and Barbara Heck met again at the end of the last month and posed together in a powerful click on social networks. They wore bold looks with transparencies and body-hugging.

It’s just that when sharing the photo, the doctor remembered that they were considered the villains of that edition. “Despicable Me in Action, I Love You”declared the brunette.

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