Ewbank, Gagliasso: Astrid’s son writes letter – 01/08/2022 – Illustrated

Presenter Astrid Fontenelle, who was on Globo’s program Encontro com Patrícia Poeta, this Monday, said that her son, Gabriel, 14, asked to send a message to Titi and Bless, sons of Bruno Gagliasso and Giovanna Ewbank. who were victims of racism last Saturday, in Portugal.

They were with their family in a restaurant, on a beach in the European country, when a woman cursed the children and a group of Angolans who were there, going so far as to send them all “back to Africa”. The children’s mother, Giovanna Ewbank confronted the assailant, while Gagliasso called the police.

Fontenelle said that he sent the letter to Gagliasso and that, according to him, it was the moment he managed to cry. “In the end, he ended up saying that skin color doesn’t define anything other than your beauty.” She also recalled that her son was also a victim of racism when he was mistaken for an employee of a place she visited with her mother.

Gagliasso said the most difficult thing was talking to the children after the episode. “The most painful thing was coming home, taking a shower and having to talk to them about it. It was what moved us the most as parents. Telling them why this happened and that there are people like that.”

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