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FIFA 23 will have important changes involving women’s football and even two World Cups, but it shouldn’t mess with a classic mode of the franchise: Career. Both in the option to control a single player and in the one of coach, the game reserved specific news involving visual and off-field aspects. Among them, it is worth mentioning the possibility of managing the athletes’ personal life and also the presence of real coaches among the options to play the career.

Involving the game itself, the presence of three types of player also weighs to trace their characteristics, in addition to the presence of more in-depth analyzes regarding signings. See below for more details on what changes in Career mode.

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Career Mode has some changes in FIFA 23; see details — Photo: Disclosure/EA

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The main new feature of Career for those who enjoy tracing their path as a player is the new metric for playstyles. In a system that resembles the old The Journey mode, which told the story of the fictional athlete Alex Hunter in FIFA 17, FIFA 18 and FIFA 19, it is now possible to regulate three new divisions to define the qualities of your avatar.

Maverick represents who dominates the field, taking advantage of opportunities to score goals and lift the team in games, while Virtuoso is that characteristic of who distributes the game with quality and intelligence. Finally, Heartbeat is the tireless player, a feature that should be interesting for “box-to-box” steering wheels, for example. The three are present and can be modified throughout the career through a point system that adds to the attributes according to their actions in the matches.

Player version of Career mode will win events from the athlete’s personal life, among other news — Photo: Disclosure / EA

These aspects will influence the player’s personality, which will also be molded from another important factor: the off-field. In FIFA 23, it will be possible to manage activities, expenses and more variables of the athlete’s personal life. It is worth remembering that these decisions will influence positively or negatively. In addition to choosing to have parties or going out, another controllable point in the new game is the financial aspect, allowing you to invest, choose how to spend, among other activities.

New in simulation and key moments

In FIFA 23, it is still possible to simulate matches, either directly to the result or by observing movements on the field, making substitutions, but without participating in the game itself. This goes for both players and coaches, and it helps a lot in the fluidity of the career, which can sometimes be stagnated by the lack of time to control the team in smaller matches, for example.

The difference, therefore, is very specific: it will now be possible to control the team (or the player) on the field only during some highlights of the match, such as an opposing attack, a great chance of your team, among other examples. In this way, the player returns to the field to perform this action and, later, can return to the simulation to continue following from the outside. According to EA, it will be possible to control how and when to enter the scene in this new situation.

Players will be able to participate in key moments of the simulated matches — Photo: Reproduction/YouTube (EA)

Another important change is the inclusion of more key moments, something common in the Master League, equivalent mode of the “discontinued” PES. Now, Career will have some scenes of presentation of new signings, arrival of the player to the starting lineup, departure of a star from the team, among other examples.

In addition to these simulation news and key moments, which also apply to the option to control an entire team, EA highlighted the new menus, with different designs and highlighting press conferences and the cast hub, promising greater fluidity to the game. control day to day. There will also be a more in-depth analysis of transfer options, comparing financial and sporting results achieved with the moves.

The “big” novelty is the inclusion of real coaches among the options when starting Career mode (something that already happened in the late PES, with Zico and the current Senator of the Republic, Romário). What’s fun is the fact that you can control Liverpool with Pep Guardiola or take Xavi to South American football, for example.

FIFA 23 won’t have as many changes in Career mode — Photo: Disclosure / EA

It is worth remembering that EA did not detail whether it will still be possible to control teams created from scratch, for example, something present in FIFA 22 that drew attention. It is also interesting to note that, despite the presence of women’s soccer leagues, there was no mention of the presence of this modality in Career mode.

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