For sale! Hebe Camargo’s mansion is put up for sale, price shocks and photos go viral: “Palace”

This Monday (1), the presenter’s beach mansion Hebe Camargo, who died in 2012, was put up for sale for R$18 million. Located in Tabatinga, in Caraguatatuba, on the north coast of São Paulo, the house generated repercussions on social networks. It is worth remembering that the presenter’s sister, Cida, also lived there.

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According to information from the magazineVogue House‘, the owners of the house preserved the decoration of the rooms left by Hebe Camargo: “The former owners kept many of the characteristics of the time that it enjoyed”, said realtor Cauê Matsumoto, responsible for the sale of the property.

At the time, Cauê also gave details of the property and described several features of the mansion. Among them, he said that there are two floors with 360 m², with 800 m² of land. The first one has three suites, winter garden, hall, two environments with living-room, kitchen, service area, toilet, home theater. The second has two other suites AND a balcony overlooking the sea. In addition, the mansion has a gourmet leisure area, elevated spa and swimming pool. Check out the photos:

Screenshot 2022 08 01 180217

Screenshot 2022 08 01 180241

Screenshot 2022 08 01 180709

Screenshot 2022 08 01 180947

Screenshot 2022 08 01 181126

Screenshot 2022 08 01 180518

Screenshot 2022 08 01 181103

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Astrid Fontenelle talks about Hebe Camargo

In an interview with the programConversation with Bial“, presenter Astrid Fontenelle commented on the affectionate relationship she had with presenter Hebe Camargo, until the end of the artist’s life, in 2012.

At the time, she even said that Hebe helped her during her professional trajectory, in addition to giving several advice and teachings.

“We established an absurd connection. I discovered that I have something similar to her, which is to feed on youth. She has the rank of Queen of Television and she behaved like that, signing below, wanting to sponsor her, teaching, giving the touches. She adopted me general,” she said.

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