Globo must rescue last soap opera entirely made in black and white

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Anyone who wants to see or see Susana Vieira as Nice, the nanny who spared no effort to join her boss Rodrigo (José Wilker), can have a ray of hope! The first version of Anjo Mau is on Globoplay’s radar.

Globoplay - Bad Angel

Director of Digital Products and Paid Channels at Globo, Erick Bretas stated on Twitter that a 1976 novel integrates the plans for this year of Projeto Resgate – which makes available plots of the house on streaming.


The column found that the station’s collection has only two titles from 1976 in full: Anjo Mau and Escrava Isaura, signed by Cassiano Gabus Mendes and Gilberto Braga, respectively.

From I See the Moon in the Sky, The Beans and the Dream, Stupid Cupid and Two Lives there are only a few chapters left. Casarão and Saramandaia bring “holes” that can harm the understanding of the narratives. Soon, the serials that boosted the careers of Susana Vieira and Lucélia Santos – Escrava Isaura – emerge as strong candidates for the reserved spot on the platform.

It is worth remembering that Globoplay has other works from the 1970s, such as O Bem-Amado (1973), Pecado Capital (1975) and Pai Herói (1979). And so far, none in black and white.

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An Angel Fell from Heaven

For August, the return of Páginas da Vida (2006) and A Casa das Sete Mulheres (2003), in addition to Um Anjo Caiu do Céu (2001), released this Monday (1st), is expected.

Also Senhora do Destino (2004), within the Originality segment, which updates content already available on streaming, rescuing original aspects.


In TV history…


Anjo Mau was the last all-black-and-white soap opera of the seven o’clock slot. It’s just that the last two chapters of the Stupid Cupid replacement were recorded in color.

Starting with Locomotives (1977) – which should arrive on Globoplay in 2023 –, all plots relied on the then brand new technology.


Pay TV attractions

taking life

Next Saturday (6), at 8:30 pm, Canal Viva shows the special Levando a Vida (2005). Lázaro Ramos and Juliana Paes star in the program, aimed at the financial difficulties of motoboy Formiga (Lázaro) to buy the engagement ring with Grace Kelly (Juliana).

The TV version of the movie O Tempo e o Vento (2013) takes over the track the following week (13). Fernanda Montenegro, Thiago Lacerda, Marjorie Estiano and Cleo lead the cast of the production based on the work of Érico Veríssimo, directed by Jayme Monjardim.

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