Home ownership became more expensive in July – 02/08/2022 – Market

The sale price of residential properties increased 0.52% in July, after rising 0.47% in the previous month. Well above the IGP-M/FGV and IPCA-15/IBGE inflation indexes, which registered monthly changes of 0.21% and 0.13% in the period, respectively. The data is from the FipeZAP+ Index released this Tuesday (2).

Based on the sample of residential property listings for sale in July 2022 evaluated by the institution, the average price per square meter calculated for the 50 cities monitored by the FipeZAP+ Index was R$8,120.

Among the 16 capitals monitored, São Paulo had the highest average value (R$9,946/m²), followed by Rio de Janeiro (R$9,798/m²) and Vitória (R$9,528/m²).

According to the survey, 45 of the 50 cities monitored showed a nominal increase in residential property sales prices. With the exception of São Paulo, all the locations where prices increased registered a rise above monthly consumer inflation.

In relation to the last 12 months, ended in July 2022, the FipeZAP+ Index accumulates a nominal advance of 5.97%. Lower variation than the inflation accumulated by the IPCA/IBGE (+10.97%) and by the IGP-M (+10.08%) in the same period.​

Residential real estate sales price

capitalChange in the last 12 monthsAverage price (in BRL)
Sao Paulo+3.97%9,946
Rio de Janeiro+2.47%9,798
Belo Horizonte+5.98%7,396
Porto Alegre+2.41%6,430
João Pessoa+12.17%5,316
Large field+12.84%4,906

Sources: FipeZAP+, IBGE, FGV and Central Bank of Brazil

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